Jan 312012

Amazing customer service by Amazon!

I recently got this email after submitting a follow-up survey asking for feedback from my technical service call.  It began with providing three ways to contact a customer service agent.  I chose by phone where I provided a phone number and I got a call instantly.  No waiting!

The irony:  I heard Jeff Bezos say their goal was to never speak to a customer.  Between quality products, user friendly services, and automated solution processes, they want to limit customer contact.  The result, the customer service tech was not able to resolve my issue, but I hung up the phone feeling satisfied. 

That’s creating an experience that is customer-centric!

Give us another chance to satisfy you. What the....!? Who are these guys?

Jan 182012

Dr. Allan Hamilton writes about creativity in medicine

     Dr. Allan Hamilton writes about his creative insights and
      the value of right thinking in medicine.
      He talks about his peer’s push back on such ideas in the left-brain
       dominant field of surgery.
      When I heard Dr. Hamilton’s story, I knew it needed to be
        included in the book.
      His story is an example of living from a right perspective.
      Dr. Hamilton writes about the Right manuscript, “Spectacular. 
       I think this could be as big as Pink’s book.”
Jan 152012

As I burned scrap wood in my shop, I realized that fire in a barrel serves as an ideal metaphor to managing innovation.

This best addresses the misconception that too much control can inhibit creativity.  I would argue that an infrastructure that allows ideas to burn and innovation to follow is similar to a barrel that holds the fuel, contains the flames, and keeps the embers safely within the confines is what allows the fire to roar without burning down the house.


Fire in a barrel is like managing innovation


Jan 142012

This project has led me to see bad design everywhere.  It makes me wonder who was in charge of the final decision.  Is it bad design or the wrong person making the design decisions?

1.  Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover:  Lists in the direction to “Avoid eyes, nose and mouth and ear areas.”  Have these people ever had a pet sprayed by a skunk?  That’s the only place they are sprayed.  Geez.

2.  Worse classroom design ever.  The clock is behind the instructor facing the students.  I don’t know which is worse, the instructor continually looking over their shoulder to see when the class will end, or the room full of students staring over his shoulder focused on the clock waiting for the class to be over.

Art Appreciation class F2011

Who thought this was the best place to place a clock in a classroom?

Jan 132012

We’ve created this blog to facilitate the dialogue around the value of right thinking in a left-brain world.

If you’ve followed the link from our manuscript page, then you’ve already seen the book, Right: A new perspective for business innovation.

If you found the blog first, please visit the manuscript page created to let you preview the book recently completed.