May 172012

In design, the term nudge refers to a method for predictably altering behavior without restricting options or significantly changing incentives.

In Design Thinking, nudge describes a leadership approach that the Designer uses when guiding the elephant and rider, which both have diverging perspectives and motivated by different incentives.  Nudge leadership is not pushing or pulling a group; which results in compliance, but inspiring individuals to get enthusiastic participation.

May 142012

Innovation is never apparent in convention. Some times you must feed the coyotes. People will tell you it is foolish and dangerous. It is those foolish few that are the innovators. This is a contemporary parable that shows the similarity to feeding the wild and innovating.

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May 062012

Planning for the C!D conference is underway, Dallas, 2013.

The conference will address the Design Thinking meme, and facilitate the dialog around Creativity, Innovation, and Design.  c!D

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