Feb 012013

The challenge of finding leadership who embraces diversity.

¬†We live in a time that specialization, silos of knowledge and segmented schools of influence are being reshaped, reformed, and reconsidered. They are becoming less relevant and no longer leading industry innovation. The walls between disciplines are crumbling. Unfortunately, we’re still not fully embracing these exciting times as the decision makers are firmly planted in the old paradigms of Cartesian thinking. Communication departments are no longer built on journalism, but expression. The schools of business must embrace the social aspects of business communication and individualized, long-tail elements of customer service and product development. My mission is to lead this charge, the challenge is to be recognized as a holistic thinker, not limited by a diverse set of interests and skills, but an asset because of a broad, Design Thinking perspective, and ability to negotiate many disciplines. I’m continually surprised by the prevalent place of decisions, and predominant group think that is confused by too many areas of interest. This degree of diversity and broad scope of specialties is the future! Finding leadership who recognizes this reality is the challenge.

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