Jul 022016



This graphic illustrates all the roles involved in a creative exercise.

The value of recognizing these roles is to understand your contribution to the process or allow the designer to facilitate to these specific traits.

The Design Thinker must acknowledge all aspects of the creative process to fully realize any vision.

  2 Responses to “Elephant – Rider metaphor”

  1. scott
    i think the only hesitation i have is
    a) how to convert these framing ideas to step by step process
    b) and focusing on roles i think may distract from the process focus ( storming, norming etc) when people play multiple roles

  2. There are examples of organizations which operate without a management structure. Where Peter Senge described the learning organization, I have a feeling these non-management organizations will be labeled innovation organizations. Everyday, the staff is tasked with making the organization successful. It requires employees to be responsible for their actions, clearly defined roles and a high level of investment in the organization’s success by each employee.

    Roles can be dynamic or permanent, but they must be clearly defined to allow efficiency and clear communication.

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